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40mm Ammunition

40mm Ammunition

NIOA distributes and supports a range of Medium Calibre Ammunition and Grenades for a variety of platforms. Some of the ammunition distributed and supported by NIOA include:

40mm Ammunition: NIOA distributes and supports the Rheinmetall 40mm ammunition suite. NIOA offers a comprehensive range of low and high velocity 40mm ammunition for offensive, marking, screening, non-lethal, practice/training, warning and crowd control applications.  The 40mm Ammunition range includes:

Low Velocity: All Low Velocity (LV) cartridges contain a unique patented, proprietary propulsion unit with a high-low pressure chamber and a predetermined breakpoint. This ensures consistent muzzle velocities, resulting in a high degree of accuracy. Furthermore, the LV cartridges are compatible with any standard 40mm LV grenade launcher or rifle attachment. The LV products include but not limited to:

  • 40mmx46 Smoke (Red, Green, Yellow, White)
  • 40mmx46 IR Illumination
  • 40mmx46 Illumination
  • 40mmx46 Sound and Flash
  • 40mmx46 Sound and Flash 1.3sec
  • 40mmx46 CS15 Delay 1.3sec
  • 40mmx46 LV Impulse
  • 40mmx123 Irritant CS8 60-90m
  • 40mmx46 Practice Cartridge with Impact Signature


High Velocity: High Velocity (HV) cartridges use a proven, patented propulsion unit that produces very low standard deviation in muzzle velocity, resulting in excellent accuracy. With a constant muzzle velocity, our practice and high explosive cartridges can attain a maximum range of 2,200 metres with any standard 40mm HV automatic grenade launcher. The HV products include:

  • 40mmx53 TP-MK281 Mod 2 (Practice cartridge)
  • 40mmx53 HEDP (High Explosive Deep Penetrating cartridge)
  • 40mmx53 HE (High Explosive)
  • 40mmx53 HEDP IM-ESD-T (High Explosive Deep Penetrating cartridge)
  • 40mmx53 HE ABM-T (Air Burst cartridge)
  • 40mmx53 HEDP ABM-T (High Explosive Deep Penetrating, Air Burst cartridge)



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